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About Us

LIWA Investment Holding is a start-up investment company headquartered in Abu Dhabi. The company has a focused approach to invest in innovation and technology which aims to drive beyond the future projects technically. LIWA has 360 perspective on projects and is working with the top companies worldwide.

Liwa Investment Holding was established in 1998 as the investment arm of the Group with headquarter in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. In a relatively short time, Liwa Investment has established a very strong portfolio of companies. The company’s diverse property portfolio includes major developments and re-developments within Abu Dhabi, the company owns a sizeable land bank in strategic locations throughout the emirate.

Liwa Investment Holding focuses on bringing together technology, innovation, knowledge, living and social to create a perfect destination and beyond. This visionary concept creates thriving and sustainable live, work, innovate and play communities.

Vice Chairman's Message

Hadef Salah Salem Bin Omair Al Shamsi

Liwa Investment is the realization of our dream to make Abu Dhabi a smarter and a more sustainable city. As a start-up investment company, we are committed to digital transformation and installing a worldwide connected infrastructure of hubs, with a focus to run a complete ecosystem.
Our motive is to work in harmony with individuals and corporates, to realize their ideas and optimize their fund. Further, in line with the Group’s core values of trust and accountability, we also aim to create a rewarding outcome which will help enhance the individuals and also our economy and aid in making Abu Dhabi an Innovative location on the world map.
We also focus to contribute to the UAE vision of progress and advancement by supporting the Environmental Vision 2030, Sustainable Development Goal 2030, Industry Strategy 2030, Abu Dhabi Transportation Mobility Surface Transportation Master Plan 2030 and others.
Lastly, the strength of LIWA Investment lies in the support of our stakeholders, clients and community. As a team, we commit to make a concreted effort to bring new possibilities and grow into a globally innovative Group.

Our Portfolio

Real Estate

Oil & Gas

Petro Chemical



Other Industries

Our Projects

Block 7

Block 7 will provide an ecosystem for innovators with a world-class facility to meet the needs of contemporary business excellence and a quality lifestyle. This smart digital innovation hub city is a unique and one of its kind campus creating a new landmark for the region.

Data Centre

FDDS is a new generation IT Infrastructure development company and is developing a series of world class IT Infrastructure to provide unrivalled service across the MENA region.
The project that will not only support the activities Abu Dhabi but also provide services to rest of the GCC to address the growing need in the market.

Dream City

Dream city is a planned city project conceptualized with the aim to unravel the untouched potential and resources in the thriving areas.
Dream city will be an ecosystem that will include world-class commercial marketplace, corporate workplace, hospitality, public & educational institutions, residential & retail areas, fulfilling our vision to make the world a better place.

Emirates Methanol Holding

The proposed facility would be one of the largest industrial chemicals producing facilities in the GCC area. The production of the industrial chemicals will be based on the advanced technologies that focuses on scalability and sustainability.